AVI Editing Software For File Customization

AVI, which stands for Audio Video Interleaving, was a multimedia format released by Microsoft in 1992 as part of its video for Windows campaign. The AVI format, like the DVD format, supports high quality audio and video data and allows for simultaneous playback of both audio and video. Quite naturally, the AVI format soon became a standard for encoding audio and video data and media players were updated to handle the format. Movies, videos or any data which included audio and video was encoded in the AVI format. As it became popular, there arose a need to customize and manipulate this data to suit one’s own needs. For this purpose we use AVI editing software.

AVI editing is nothing but special software that allows users to customize the file without causing any problems to the original flow of data. It is frequently used from small jobs like editing and cutting a video to major jobs like adding special effects to the video or to handle various situations in the movie industry.

The basic qualities that an AVI editing software should possess is that it should be easy to use, cost efficient and feature rich. An editing software without proper features is just another type out there on the open market. What users look for is the ease of use along with the features it provides. It should provide basic features like adding frames, editing details, deleting frames, looping and playback. Since the AVI format comprises of both Audio and Video, a user should hold the power to edit both of these. Apart from this, the software should also hold special functions which can be utilized by the more professional users and should also allow users to create their own AVI files.

Famous AVI editing software include the famous Sony Vegas, Pinnacle Studio 11 and the Power Director 6. Each of these handle both AVI as well as DVD formats and are capable of advanced features like applying brightness, contrast, gamma, animation, file import as well as allows users to choose and apply various effects from the library of effects that they provide. There is a downside in buying professional software like these, which is that they cost anywhere between 50-500$ for a yearly subscription. You can find out more about successful film editing at http://www.film-editing-software.com

If the user is low on cash, they could also look for freely available software like the AVIedit, Blazemp and Windows Free movie maker, each of which allow users to create or edit their files but do not provide as rich a set of effects that can be obtained from the paid software. For a person who is a novice or for someone who just wants basic editing tools, these are very handy, allowing users to experiment with basic effects and styles.

Graphic effects are to be found everywhere these days, be it song videos or movies. All graphical work is done only with the help of editing software. AVI editing software may not be as advanced as that used in the movie industry but is still an effective tool in the long run.

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