Wi-Max and also Metronet supply Bonded Uptime, Service Levels and High Rate Wireless Backlinks


Wi Max and Metronet are fresh wireless choices which provide companies that demanded ensured 24/7 Online accessibility, having a low-cost redundant link for their leased diginet lines. In the past, the majority of business must be more satisfied having a leased line, such as diginet, from Telkom and also there were limited options in case of needing a taboo link as being a backup just in the event of service disturbance, other than a second diginet lineup or buying a warranty from Telkom, which had been more expensive.

Wi Max and MetroNet Unaffected By Cable Theft

With all the theft of telkom cable turning out to be a growing difficulty, lots of companies employing traditional, aluminum established, rented lines have cause to worry that Telkom will be unable to to provide its guaranteed service guarantees in the eventuality of wire theft Telkom.

Earlier there is not much of an option to get a low-cost redundant link, but WiMax and Metronet can provide this to business for an affordable pace. Since Wi-Max and MetroNet are wireless providers they are unaffected by copper theft.

Wi-Max and also Metronet supply Bonded Uptime, Service Levels and High Rate Wireless Backlinks

Form benefit of both of these wireless systems, they also come with the exact same quarantees and negotiated service level agreements (SLAs) as rented or diginet lines, giving company the claims the ceremony will be accessible when required. In a few cases corporates are shifting their principal Internet link to those radio technologies and employing the diginet, rented lines, together with their lower throughput and high costs because the simple connection.

For companies where bandwidth isn’t as critical, and who can afford to live together with the risk of a while downtime, Wi-Max and also Metronet are being used to displace their diginet rented traces altogether.

Charles Rouke is a Internet alternatives architect employed on its Southern African based Broad Band relationship company Cyber Connect. His specialty is advising corporates about the

answer, with regard to requirements and budget, such as their Web or WAN connection requirements.

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